Project Scedule

Here I ‘ll lay down the milestones involved in order to complete this project.

  1. Create a simple WSGI interface for handling reviewer logins.
  2. Create a data scraper for getting a few sample articles from the XML dump for analysis purposes.
  3. Modify the wikiwho code for extracting revision dates for every word in an article.
  4. Use the mediawiki API to find contributions from Wiki student editors. This is mainly because these edits may have to be assigned a higher score for review.
  5. Develop a ranking algorithm that assigns a score to each word based on age, context and contributor (in case of a student). Rank the words according to this score and extract out the top words/paragraphs for review based on a minimum threshold. Store this in database1.
  6. Develop an algorithm for tagging unclear/long passages. Store this in database2.
  7. Present the above two database contents to reviewers. Implement a voting scheme for deciding whether to finally implement changes.
  8. Test the codebase rigorously using all possible test cases.
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