GSoC 2016

These set of pages were meant to track my progress through Google Summer of Code for Wikimedia Foundation from May to August 2016. For an overview, you can read GSoC 2016 Project Overview.

This page contains all my progress and documentation related to building the Wikipedia Accuracy Review bot in Python under mentor James Salsman. More information can be found here :


This project aims to provide editors with an easy mechanism to find and review inaccurate content in Wikipedia articles. The aim is to achieve this with the help of algorithms that are specifically designed to flag suspected content, which the editors can then review by a three-way mechanism. The reviewer bot finds articles in given categories, category trees, and lists. For each such article, the bot aims to accomplish the following tasks: (1) Flag passages with facts and statistics which are likely to have become out of date and have not been updated in a given number of years (2) Flag phrases which are likely unclear (3) Flag bad student edits

Flagged instances are then stored in a database and open to the reviewers for reviewing and closing the flags. A reviewer can decide to either ‘Accept’ or ‘Dismiss’ a review item as valid/invalid. Two reviewers decide the fate of each review item, and in the case of a conflict, it is sent to a third reviewer. Reviewer reputation scores are computed based on a mechanism of acceptability of reviews by other peer reviewers. Reviews which lowered the scores can be optionally displayed to the reviewers.

Navigate to the following pages for more on this project:
UPDATE: We have now rebuilt our system to use NoSQL. The crossed out sections  no longer reflect our project. To view the updated project model, jump to the  AROWF section directly.

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