3D Menagerie


3D Menagerie: Modeling the 3D Shape and Pose of Animals by Zuffi et al. (CVPR 2017)


  • Introduce  SMAL (Skinned Multi-Animal Linear Model) – a statistical shape model similar to SMPL but for animals
  • Motivation: The best human body models are learned from thousands of 3D scans of people in specific poses → infeasible with live animals.
  • Model: Learn a model of shape θ and pose β from 41 3D scans of toy figurines in arbitrary poses
  • Results:
  • Drawbacks: Depth ambiguity in global rotation and pose


  • Further Challenges: More variations in animal classes. Deformable tail. Strong inter and intra-class variations – tusk, elephant ears, horn, etc.


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