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3D Object Reconstruction from 2D Images: A Review

In this series of blog posts, I hope to shine light on some of the existing neural-network based techniques for reconstructing the three-dimensional model of an object given its two-dimensional image counterpart. Along the way, I’ll review some landmark papers that tackle this problem in novel ways. Before we go into the details, here’s why […]

How Prisma Works: An Overview of Artistic Style Transfer using Neural Networks

Today, I decided to pen down a quick review of an algorithm that lies at the heart of all the beautiful Van Gogh and Picasso versions of your profile picture. Once this algorithm was unleashed onto the world, it went viral and resulted in all sorts of apps like Prisma and Vinci, and has since, been extended to video […]

GSoC 2016 Project Overview

Google Summer of Code 2016 is just about over and I am absolutely thrilled to have worked for Wikimedia Foundation under mentor James Salsman and co-mentor Fabian Flock! The application is live and can be accessed here. This post is dedicated towards providing a brief overview of my project. Synopsis ‘Accuracy Review of Wikipedias in Flask’ […]

Logging shell commands into a file

This post is a really short one, but I thought it important enough to make a note! While working on a coding project, having a log of all your commands and outputs is extremely important. You never know when you need to look back at an earlier error you had encountered or what output a […]

Getting started with TensorFlow and Caffe

UPDATE! Check out out my new post on How Prisma Works: An Overview of Artistic Style Transfer using Neural Networks. Thanks to a deep learning course I have enrolled for in college, I got introduced to working with docker images and tools such as Tensorflow and Caffe. In this blog post, I ‘ll go over the […]

The dotcom bubble of the late 90s

Of late, I had been reading a lot of news articles that frequently kept referring to the dot com bubble. It’s a term thrown around so often that I kind of got used to it for a while, till I realized that I didn’t really know what it meant. This sudden realization made me go […]

Git and GitHub for newbies

I admit that I never really had too much of a liking towards Git. I knew it was this magical piece of software that was created so that you could easily manage your coding projects. But the sheer number of crazy tutorials and documentations were a big turn-off for someone like me. I still went […]

Test Post

Hey there! This is a test post.