Hi! I am Priyanka Mandikal, a fifth year undergraduate pursuing a dual degree in Computer Science (B.E. Hons) and Physics (Int M.Sc Hons) from the Goa campus of  Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India.

The purpose of this blog is to keep an organized journal of my projects and all the learning that happens along the way. I hope to write about everything ranging from how I use a new software to simply reflecting on some of the courses I have taken online. I also hope to write about some of my on-going projects. Being a die-hard technology enthusiast, one might occasionally find a blog post on that new AI technology that Google is developing or how seamlessly Spotify picks the best songs for your taste.

I have an inclination towards Machine Learning. Some of the online courses I have taken have only drawn me closer to the field. My current focus is on bettering myself in this area by gathering as much knowledge as possible. I am working on a number of projects to apply whatever I have learnt.

Apart from that, I enjoy playing basketball, reading and occasionally pondering over the meaning of this thing called life.


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